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As for next year's plan, I like it overall. The only thing that stood out to me was the first 5 weeks of your fall marathon schedule. No tempo runs during this time? Personally, I like to always keep doing tempo runs or some kind of tempo-style workout. I would personally find a way to fit them in.

During my 10 week base phase I'll repeat what I did this year and include a weekly tempo run. Then toward the end of the speed phase will re-introduce a tempo run that will bridge the speed and race pace phase. I'll also stick in a few Vo2Max workouts in the last 7 weeks as well.

I know I should have modified my goal that day but like you said I “went for it” and the results were less than representitive of my fitness. I'm alright with that. After two consecutive 3:30's that wasn't what I had in mind. One area I need to address is the quality of my LRs. I think I've become a little lazy here. The majority of my strong marathon races resulted from quality LRs. Instead of just logging time on my feet I need to run 2-3 faster ones to suppliment my MP workouts. Appreciate your suggestions.