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good stuff so far… my take, for the race you should probably do the 10K as Ryan says for where you are right now in your training… myself I'd be more inclined to do the 30K and use it as a progression run, run the first 10K 'almost slow' then pick up the pace every few miles so you are kicking it the last mile, but consider it a train through, pace practice run and NOT a race… as you admit that you need to practice pacing yourself outside… and ONLY RUN if there is no ice (for me this is the kiss of death and I spend much of my winter on ther treadmill for that reason)…

I would also suggest that as you're not really doing 'high mileage' you may want to consider a two week taper unless you are feeling particularly beat up… I'm 54 and I've found that as I'm usually doing 50 mpw three weeks is just too long a taper…

for marathon goal, certainly another test race closer to the marathon is great… also consider going out with the 3:20 pace group if you are at or above that level of fitness… then make a decision at mile 20-22… by then you will know if you can pick it up and you will have used the pace group to stay at a realistic pace for the first half of the race… I've did that once, went out with the slower pace group as my fitness was between groups, dropped them at mile 22 and had the fastest miles of the day in the last four miles, felt really great..

good luck with what you decide, I'd be interested in how the OK City race goes as it is on my radar for another year…