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Thanks for the thoughts…I think 2:40-2:45 is not unreasonable as a goal, based on mileage and my 5k time.  I am running a ten miler in a few weeks which should give me a better gauge.  Ran 20 on the course today, with the last 10 at 'MP': Ten (1:13:07), then 10 at MP 1:01:53 (6:09, 5:57, 5:58, 6:03, 6:00, 6:16, 6:20, 6:23, 6:24, 6:21–last 5 into the wind).  But I think I will need to adjust to what the 10 miler tells me, and what the weather is on the day.  Am I the only one training for a marathon?  Post your training if you are to (or even if your not, it's fun to read that stuff).