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Tomo, I went into 2006 Grandmas in 2:40 shape.  I had run many race distances from 5K to the half suggesting I was in good enough shape to run a 2:40. 

The summer of 2005 I trained specifically for shorter races and ran many PR's from 5K to the half.  Low 16's and low 1:15 half.  While training for the marathon I believe I ran about 27 even for a 5 miler and 34:25 for 10K. 

So I think your fitness shows you are real close to 2:40.  I also like all your long tempos with the M pace stuff mixed in.  I did lots of that also. 

Now 2006 Grandmas was HOT HOT HOT.  I started the race knowing that 2:40 pace was really going to be rolling the dice, but after all my hard work was not willing to “settle” for a 2:45 pace run.  Therefore I went out like any other day and ran 2:40 pace.  I actually ran with the pack of women's elites for the first half.  Me and the ladies 🙂 

At half I could already tell I was toast.  We went from a pack of 8 to immediately breaking up.  Everyone strung out right then.  I believe 1-2 of the women went on to finish at 2:40ish.  A couple more DNF'd.  I finished in a 2:47 low.  I ran the last 10K the slowest I'd ever ran any 10K even a easy run in 8th grade.  It was like 47 minutes or something crazy.  I was probably on the verge of heat exhaustion if not worse. 

So the question is then do you lock onto the 2:40 like I did or do you compensate if necessary?  I don't wish I'd have done anything different.  I would have been asking “what if” had I gone conservative in 2:45 pace from the gun. 

Check out the above link.  It explains very well why I added 7 minutes to my time on that hot day in 2006.  Something for you to consider. 

I think you are where you need to be.  Go for it.  I'll be there cheering 🙂