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Nice links…Ran 70 this week on five days of running (life got in the way the other two days)…highlights: 13.5 mid-long run, 6 x 1600 (5:29-5:30 avg. w/2:00-2:30 rest) & marathon course run in 3:07:50.  1:36 first half & 1:31 second.  Hopefully a day or two of real easy running and I'll be mostly recovered…have never done the full 26 in training before, but this is my second one…it gives me some mental confidence, but does beat me up some.  Nice to mix things up from what I've done in the past.  Running a 10 mile race next Monday.  Thanks for all the feedback and links.  And as I've said before, post your training–I'd love to see it.