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Saturday was tough.  My wife ran a debut of 3:36 with a 3:30 goal.  That had to be one of the “better” performances in the event.  Everyone I knew that ran the race somewhat competitively was around 20 mins++ off their goal time.  I was told but cannot confirm they had the most DNF's in history.  That's with a field of about 2000 less than last year. 

I sat at the 5 mile mark for an hour in a t shirt waiting for runners.  The blazing sun was killer.  My shirt was drenched when I left.  At 12 miles the lead pack was cut in half.  Some had already decided to drop.  A few Kenyans walked past me at 12 miles.  At 19 miles I talked to a guy I ran with in college.  Oh yeah…he was part of the race, but we talked as he walked by!  He wasn't happy.  He's a 2:30's guy and finished over 3 hours. 

The worst part of that course I swear is about 15-18 miles.  That stretch is no man's land and is thin in spectators and is BLAZING sun if there are no clouds. 

Been there done that in 2006.  It's not fun and I feel for everyone that had to deal with it Saturday.