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r-at-work wrote:
I’d like to know what you say to yourself at those times…

Well, I’m not quite sure at what point of those times you want to know what I’m thinking. It usually goes along this kind of progression…

“Man, I’m tired. One run today should be good enough.” or “Man, I’m tired. One day off won’t kill me.” (The motivation is dropping quickly.)

“Forget it, I’ll skip just this one run.” (The bottom of the roller coaster, hopefully just involving missing one run but sometimes more.)

“Why am I not running now? I should be out there at least logging a few miles.” (The guilt trip.)

“It’s too late now but I’ve got to make sure this doesn’t happen tomorrow.” (The guilt trip is beginning to work but hasn’t taken hold yet or I’d say it’s never too late.)

“That’s it, I’m making sure I at least get out the door for every planned run. I can at least get something in.” (The return is beginning to stick. This happened about 2 weeks ago.)

“Wow, this is going well. Not only am I getting out the door for all my planned runs. Once I get going, the runs are going very well.” (It’s going to stick, no more motivation concerns. This hit late last week/early this week.)