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Thanks Rita and Zeke,

Rita your are right, that bridge was a tough stretch, the wind definately was not your friend there.  I knew that part was tough, I was kinda of intimidated of it even before I got there.  I really was just happy to survive.  Zeke, here are my chip splits from the race website:

5 – Mile  –  00:33:50
10- Mile  –  01:07:39
1/2      –  01:28:41
15 Mile  –  01:41:46
20 Mile  –  02:16:41
23.5 Mile –  02:38:42
26.2 Mile –  03:03:33

I didn't mentioned in my prior post, but I had thought this race was serving Gatordade Endurance, which I have had good races and long runs with, but I was so dissapointed to see at the 1st water stop that they were actually serving Powerade, which I don't like, and the result was I didn't drink as much as I should have for the conditions, I don't want to seem like I am making an excuse, which I am not, I didn't adapt, and that is my fault.