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May has been a bummer. I had a decent race at Trolley Run at the end of April, but in the following days, I had problems with my left knee and my right Achilles. I ended up walking part of the way home from work on Tuesday night and on Wednesday, I could not walk without a limp. I took a week off and tried again the following Tuesday and ended up in about the same place on Wednesday. Over the following weekend, I was messing around at home and literally sprinted to the door of our house racing to get to breakfast. I felt no pain or discomfort at all. On Tuesday when I tried running during lunch at work, it only took a few steps to know that it was no good. Remembering that I had been able to sprint over the weekend, I tried doing some strides, but those of course were no good too. Wisely, but frustratingly, I did not push it so I've been able to walk since then. Since that day, I have seen the Rolfer and she worked on it, but I nearly afraid to run.

The plus side is that we got a lot of work done on our gardens this month and I do feel pretty good about that. Sometimes I think that it is too easy for me to adopt a non-runner lifestyle when I am injured and that makes it harder to get back to running.

I think that if I can get back on track, I can still have some decent races this fall. We will see.