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Due to  taper and recovery for a half  I ended up with a year to date low for monthly mileage of 212 if I get 7 in today.    After my half marathon (1:31)  I had an issue with my left quad that took about a week and a half to resolve.  I ended up getting help from the chiro and stretching everyday in the hot tub and it got better in time for me to race my 10 miler.  Weather was really hot race morning and I did not run well (1:12) which was 3 mins slower than last year.  I did decide to dial it back early in the race.  That was a disappointment.   

I did have some good luck at the race as a good running friend told me about some changes he had made to his running form over the spring.  He advised me to try it out.  IT was just a forward tilt to the hips but it has made a world of difference. It seems to line everything up right in the correct angle.  I noticed that I was able to run my easy days much faster with less effort right away and my quad and foot problems are gone.  It is taking a little bit more time to apply the change to race pace workouts but I think that I am starting to get the hang of it.  I am not yet able to change gears as quickly as before but I am getting better at it with every workout. 

I am focusing on fast races for summer.  I have Walleye and a 5k in June.  My May half was a nice comeback after injury but I think it is far short of what I think I can do with a better training cycle.