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Anne, I've only skied Nine Mile and don't recall the 18K ski loop was very hilly. I have neither biked nor run there, so I have no idea what the singletrack has in store for us. The run route will probably follow one of the bike courses pretty closely. A map can be had at

There's a long string on the WORS messageboard about there being more or less ski trail than singletrack on the MTB courses this year. A lot of it is contradictory,  however, and hard to translate for the running set.

But Cassie Gran, the trail run series director, posted this on the messageboard at “This course is extremely runner friendly for runners of every skill level. Whether your (sic) out to enjoy some great trail with good friends or want to push for a personal best this course works.”

If that's true, it can't be too hilly, can it?