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I'm not Ryan… but I'll venture an opinion… I would think if you go back a bunch of years to when tri-events were new and only men did them (I would thinkĀ  they started similar to marathoning, no?) you might have seen most men excelling in one disipline and struggling with the others… but as it's been around their standard has risen, just like marathoning… SOME womens times are as good as men's times from a bunch of years ago (I'm not a data whiz so if you need to be precise you can look that stuff up)…

if you want to see a woman who can “do it all”, check out she is my coach and won the WORLD amatuer women's sprint tri last year… they do exist, but it's difficult as they also want to have kids (Margie has two!!)… she also is hoping to make the Olympics.. we'll see, she needs a sponsor…