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Anonymous wrote:
I had often wondered why the Russian Women are so much faster.

This is how they make a living. They have the time and the mpw.

I have long gaps in my running career. Could these gaps have slowed me down?

I am lucky if I get my mpw up to 60.

I do have big bones. My average weight is 122, height 5’3″ but I do look like I weigh less then that. If I were to get down to 110, I would look emmeciated. Then maybe I would be faster? What is the factor? How many seconds per pound you add on per mile?

I think genetics has alot to do with World Class performances. I don’t think I am genetically gifted. If I work hard, eat right and train with the right personel who keep motivation high, then I may break 3 hours.


Its not so much about weight as it is about keeping basic strength, and not much more than that, and keeping your body fat % low.

gaps obviously take away miles that could have been in your background..

and if you cant get above 60mpw look for the reasons why..

are you going to fast for too much of it?… do you need to slow all of it down and try go up with slow miles first…

shoes… form… what your running on… ect