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Andrew A.

Yes, I saw, though nothing has been mentioned yet that would put his life anywhere at all close to lingering for years with painful, debilitating disease or malnutrition or having a significant, traumatic experience forced upon you by someone else or by mother nature.  I am sure he had his demons and his challenges, the rich are not immune to such things.  However, he had more money than everyone who has ever visited this forum will ever earn, combined, and he spent it on luxuries such as lavish compounds around the world.  He was a minstrel, his 'affect' is overstated.  Wacko Jacko was no Gandhi and it is not as if his music were even in a class with Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart.  How many of the songs he has written yet has not performed could 100 random people on the street name?  What were the sales figures for his albums post-1995?  Also, remember that he has been wheelchair-bound in appearances in recent years and had a history of painkiller addiction.  He had been quite frail in the past few years, far from “good health.”  It is too bad for his loved ones yet, again, that is true for pretty much everyone in the world.

As for the accusations, why would an innocent man pay $20 million to buy a family's silence?