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Andrew A.

I like both Robinson's and Morse's writing.  However, both of these pieces look like so much “let's find a way to go back to the good old days” haze of nostalgia.  The reason that the sport has been left behind is due to its penchant for clinging to stodgy tradition of alleged glory days, sluggish progress beyond the status quo, and inability to innovate in ways that appeal to both athletes and fans in a broad sense.  I agree that the 4K races were a mistake.  Likely would have been better to go to the 10K distance, perhaps for both genders.  2K loops are bad because it is easy for athletes who are struggling on the day to get lapped, which looks really bad to viewers.  Right, the 4K loop could have something of a clover-leaf shape to pass by a central area several times per lap.  Spectator-friendly courses should not be a main goal, anyway.  Organizers should be aiming to capture viewership via broadcast (or at least webcast) with on-site spectators a secondary concern, at best.  Take the course through ditches and mud, up hills, over obstacles like logs or low fences.  I am also saying that (like with FL/Kinney) the team race should essentially be dropped.  Team Africa would win every time, regardless of format.  If, like at Foot Locker, qualifiers were to wear uniforms that color-coordinated with all of the qualifiers from their continent then that would be alright.  Make it a pro tournament, though.  You qualify at your continental champs to go to the world champs.  There should also be a series of races prior to the continental champs to determine qualifiers for continental champs and/or to determine wild-card qualifiers for world champs based on accruing points for place at those races.  Make them races of significance, add decent prize purses to lure runners into specializing more in cc.  Does not need to be a ton of money in the prize purses, either — except for the World Champs.  As was indicated in one of the linked articles, the WCC format has been a one-off event, with basically nothing leading up to it.  March Madness is preceded by conference tournaments and conference seasons in which teams are competing hard to secure bids and seeding for the tournament.  It is compelling and people watch it.  WC and OG have the Golden/Diamond League leading up to them.  Even NCAA cc has conference and regional champs that fuel fan excitement.  WCC is just dropped into March with little lead-in at all.