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As I read their articles, I saw mentioning of nostalgic moments as a reference to how great these events have been, not necessarily saying they should always be kept as they were. That said, they sure didn't offer ways to improve the event in any way like you just have.

I agree that thoughts of webcast audience should weigh heavily on the minds of organizers. I was even thinking of that as I was making my last post. I do think a cloverleaf-style design would be good for the on-site spectators and would give the impression of bigger crowds for the online viewers. However, the bulk of the potential fan base and the bulk of the potential revenue stream is with webcasting and that should always be kept in mind. Not just course layout, though layouts with some challenging terrain I think would add to the interest, but also getting the event webcasted (Has it ever been? Not that I can recall.) and doing a good job of that webcasting. Good camera angles, lots of cameras.

I see your point with a 2K loop. It doesn't take much on a 2K loop for even a good runner to get lapped. If they went to a 10K course for everyone, two 5k loops in some kind of cloverleaf configuration could easily alleviate that concern. It would also give plenty of distance to offer a wide variety of terrain.

That regional qualifying thing is an interesting idea. Put a big pot of gold at the end and you will draw the top talent to the regional events as a means to get in the competition for that big pot of gold. In the meantime, smaller purses at the regional competitions will fill out the field with runners who would be happy to share in any purse they can get their hands on. I would note that Foot Locker does have team/regional scoring at the national meet, just that very few pay attention to it.