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Andrew A.

I liked this article as well, it was one of the first I turned to in the latest issue of RT.

I'm a bit disappointed to see World Cross go to every other year.

I agree that it is unfortunate, though more in the sense that the IAAF punted on an opportunity to innovate this event into something that would find broader appeal, though that really comes as little surprise.  I might identify more with those whose interest in this event has waned — somewhat along the lines of feelings I have expressed regarding the dominant runners at major marathons anymore.  It is barely above indoor track on the pro level for me now.  The archaic nationalistic format could be part of the issue.  Why not re-imagine it as a Foot Locker (neé Kinney) style event, where runners simply compete at their local regional meet to qualify to the championship race, regardless of nationality?  Perhaps make each continent a region.  And to heck with the groomed 2K loops, make it loops of 4K, at a minimum, over tough terrain.  If the IAAF cannot or will not take the event in a direction like this then that should mean that it is time to turn it over to an organization that can and will.