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I had the sugery done in my left foot.  Be very careful with your decision.  There is no longer running pain in the foot, but it now always feels as if there is a small marble in the area where the nerve was removed.  It can sometimes become distracting when running.  I also need to get the same thing done in my other foot, but I think I may hold off and consider which is worse…the pain or the marble…

Recovery took quite awhile.  Be prepared to not run for at least 3 months.  I had mine done in the winter to compensate for the 3 months of downtime (I live in the cold midwest).  I had an AWESOME surgeon.  She is also a runner.  That's very important.  John is correct…you want them to go in and remove from the top. 

The numbness in the area is really no big deal at all.  I don't even notice it. 

Hope everything turns out okay!