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Can you name a sport out there that has not lost some of its true nature due to money? There is not a one. Record chasing is an element of that.

This is true.  There is also not a single popular pro sport where 'competition' with a clock is at all compelling, where the chief thrust of a pro competition in the sport far and away is not the competition between the parties involved (individuals or teams).  It is largely uninteresting to specators and fans.  People used to pack venues to watch races like Bannister vs. Landy and Liquori vs. Ryun.  Watching Geb run along with a phalanx of rabbits and no meaningful competition is flatly uninteresting compared with watching Geb race along with Tergat, Khannouchi, Ramaala, Lel, Baldini, and whoever else happened to show up that day ready to go.  I do not particularly mind that distance running is a cult sport, but this is certainly part of why it fails to capture more of the public's imagination.  I do not know why the competitive spirit went away from how it used to be in the sport as a whole (mid-packers are not getting paid to focus on chasing times or records), it might have something to do with messages from the mainstream running press.

Pacing during a road race against the watch and time trials are two different animals….you cannot lump them into the same categories.

Well why not?  They appear similar enough to me.  8)