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Day 3, things are going good.

First thing this morning, I copied several GB worth of files from the old laptop to the new laptop over the wireless network connections. That took a couple of hours, so I ran during the transfer. Now, most if not all of my pictures and documents are on the new laptop. I also tried out the xD picture card reader to download a few pictures I took this morning. Much nicer than plugging the camera into a USB port.

Got my Firefox bookmarks copied to the new laptop and most of my other settings are configured. Had some trouble getting Thunderbird e-mails copied over so I just decided to keep the old messages on the old laptop and forward any I really want on the new laptop. I did fortunately manage to transfer my address book and calendar, so no big deal really.

I also installed OpenOffice today. I have to say, I'm very impressed with how quickly it runs on here. I remember when I first installed OpenOffice, it was slower than MS Office starting up, which is saying a lot. Now, I can start up Writer or Calc (the equivalents to Word or Excel) and they are up within a second.

Oh, looks like I didn't mention, I got Trillian installed yesterday so I'm available through IM from my new laptop. I've set up my AOL, MSN, and Yahoo accounts so far. I don't think I'm going to bother with ICQ or IRC, those seem pretty useless these days.

One more thing about the Toshiba, I love this monitor! Crystal clear. I thought my last laptop monitor was great but this is like night and day. I have both laptops running right now as I set up some Thunderbird settings and it's just incredible.

I have been finding some bugs here, mostly minor and I'm sure ones that will be fixed quickly but one I'm surprised they haven't fixed before the official release is that I can sometimes click seemingly anywhere in a window and it will maximize or restore down if maximized. It happens most when I try to close a window but has occasionally happened when doing other things.