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This just in, according to a Calico 1880 press release I received today:

“Following completion anticipated for Spring 2007, 'Land of the Gods' will be submitted to a selection of the world's most prestigious film festivals as well as many smaller festivals where the marathon has special significance. In addition, the filmmakers have already established relationships with all major U.S. running publications such as Runner's World, Running Times and Marathon & Beyond, where the film may be reviewed and advertised prominently. Likewise, 'Land of the Gods' may have an extended presense online with these same magazines as well with major Internet communities such as, the Running Network and Marathon Guide. Finally, it is envisioned that 'Land of the Gods' will be marketed extensively at the world's great marathons such as Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London and New York. At these screenings marathoners along with their frioends and family members will have a chance to relax and become inspired in the days leading up to their own 26.2-mile challenge.”