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thecyclist wrote:
My first question is, if I ran ONLY 1 mile, is it possible to crack a 5 minute mile?

I doubt it. Just as with cycling, you need a warmup and cooldown to reach optimal performance.

thecyclist wrote:
2nd. Is it more likely to have an increase or decrease in time if i ran on the road?

If the treadmill was calibrated correctly, treadmill running should be faster than road running. See this chart for a reference of approximate equivalents.

thecyclist wrote:
3rd. What kind of runner would a 5-6 minute time make me?

IE. Sub-4 is olympic…. etc

As a personal reference, in my sophomore year of high school, I ran 5:07 and it got me into the slow heat at the conference meet. I never was a good miler.