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I’m not sure what the slowest 10k time a guy has run and still qualified for the trials. I’m sure my boy Zeke could find it somewhere. To put it in a nutshell, I would take a couple of years and see how low you can get your 5k and 10k times , While trying to increase your mileage gradually up to 100 miles per week.

I’m not sure about the 10k times, like Ryan said, I think they’d have to be sub-32. With the trial fast-approaching, maybe one of the magazines will feature the qualifiers with their bios. I’d be more curious to hear who’s run the least mileage leading up to the trials. I.e. is everyone running 120+ mpw or is someone doing 80, 100, etc.?

JCWrs, you’re definitely going to have to get more consistent and increase your mileage. 40 mpw with 2 days off a week is not going to get it done. I’d start by running 6 days a week, then 7, then 9 times a week, then 10, etc.