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I think a lot of us have been thinking over this. I've had some trouble posting about it because I honestly don't know what to feel about this. It's truly a no win situation for NYRR. Run it and you'll get all the complaints that you see now. Don't run it and you're giving in, not rising to the challenge, deflating the spirit of whomever, whatever else.

It's a tough situation they are in. The timing is about as bad as you can get. If the hurricane hit a week or two earlier or the race was a week or two later, power would be restored, transportation would be running again and most of the not so severe damage would be cleaned up. It would have been a great testament to the city's ability to overcome adversity. As it is, it may still be such a great testament but it's coming at a time when people are still without power, transportation systems are still limited at best and people who live in the city need a place to stay and a helping hand. Of course, rescheduling something of this scale on such short notice is essentially impossible.

I've been following the arguments for and against going forward with the race. I wish I had a simple answer as to what is right. Instead, I find myself agreeing with arguments on both sides. I feel for the people who have to make the decision. Even more, I feel for the runners who have to decide, do I go or not? I'm glad I don't have to make that decision.