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Andrew A.

Your comments remind me of the criticisms of USATF as it attempts to serve both the pro and the youth, masters, open portions of the sport (and does a mediocre job in pretty much all areas).  I do not know if I would consider NYRR a club, per se, now or ever.  Seems more like an umbrella/administrative association that coordinates among many parties (see the list of member clubs).  Houston has a similar organization, HARRA, that maintains appropriate levels of autonomy and mission focus.  I suppose NYRR could possibly have reintained ownership of the marathon while contracting out for professional sports management to run the event as its own entity that would not have to draw resources from the overarching mission of the NYRR.  I seems an odd situation where arguably the greatest competition in the sport of distance running, NYCM, is run by a nonprofit corporation.  What other professional sports have constrained themselves thusly?  Even something as niche as pro indoor lacrosse is for profit.  Just further testament to the steadfast remaining vestiges of amateurism in distance running at the pro level.