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Andrew A.

The issue that constrains USATF is that it is chartered by the USOC to serve the Olympic movement, which includes developmental (non-pro) aspects of the sport.  Notice that while there is come commonality between them, USA Basketball is not part of the NBA (or vice versa), MLB is not part of USA Baseball, USA Soccer is not part and parcel of MLS, etc.  USATF was not set up as a professional sports organization, either originally as AAU or then as TAC which is now USATF.  Expecting USATF to do a good job at something it was never intended to do just is not wise.  A professional sport should be run by professionals in 2012, not volunteers.  Anyway, the criticism of NYRR from its membership is interesting.  Did NYRR fail to anticipate what impact its decisions would have on the general membership?  Or did leadership just not care?