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Slightly off topic but what do you think of the decision to go on with the marathon?  I admit that I really don't know enough about the current state of the city to really have an informed opinion.  As I come from a small town I really cannot wrap my mind about just how big New York City is and what it can accomplish by Sunday. Of course the marathon is no little town 400 person road race either. In the comment section of this article  I noticed very little support for the marathon and much concern for transportation problems, displaced people getting booted out of  hotels to make room for marathoners, and the current state of Staten Island. 

When it comes down to it this perhaps a no win situation for the NYRR.  If I was signed up to run this year's NYCM I would chose to stay home.  Runners are used to things outside of anyone's control wrecking race plans.  Unlikely that I would ever get caught in that situation though as I am way too cheap to ever sign up and travel to the race in the first place.