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Andrew A.

Charlene, I was just returning with thoughts on that very topic.  I am unsure what to think and am glad it was not my decision.  Since they have committed to going through with it then I hope all goes well enough.  However, there is the concern, given what was revealed in the article linked above, that NYRR ambition/greed had them pushing to find any possible way to go ahead with the race.  I doubt that postponement was ever an option, it was either run the race or cancel.  I would point out that it is usually the countering view that gets voiced in response, usually those in agreement will not submit comment.  You are ultimately right, neither decision would have painted NYRR in a good light.  I am also with you, NYCM has priced itself well out of my budget.  A friend of mine is part of the elite women's field (the winner of the Green Bay Marathon mentioned in another thread), it will be interesting to get her full account after the race.