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No matter how lazy or tired I feel when I get home from work, if I can get out the door, 99 out of 100 times I will feel better when I get back.

Once you get started, it usually just flows. That's the advice I gave Ed, run out a mile. If you still don't want to continue, just return home. Worst case scenario, you got in a very easy 2 mile run. More likely, though, once you've started you'll continue on for a longer run.

The “out the door every (or at least nearly every) day” advice has been a key part of my running and a key piece of my advice for a long time. The reason I credit Double for it is because of the importance he rightly places on it. I don't know anyone who brings up that theme more than him. However, as one test of its validity, I can't think off the top of my head of any successful competitive runner or coach who doesn't have some variation of that theme as one of the cornerstones of their training philosophy.