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Get yourself out the door every day, even if only for a couple of miles. This is advice I owe to Double, he always says the key is to get out the door every day.

Double is the MAN! Go to work and pack a lunch!!

October was actually the least # of days that I've run in a month all year. But I still managed 170 miles in 23 runs/days, so not too bad all in all, considering most of the month was post Twin Cities. After the marathon recovery was done, I tried without realizing it to take Double's advice and get out the door every day. Mileage was down, but I do feel pretty good and plan to enjoy my 6 months of darkness (running in the pre-dawn hours in Wisconsin). 5 mile race this Sunday, and then its miles, miles, easy miles for me…

I am thinking about incorporating some weights and core conditioning to develop more strength. Anyone have ideas on how best to go about that?

Also, I just checked and for the 10 months of the year thus far, my daily mileage is right @ 8 miles for 60 minutes per day (not including off days). 267 hours of running year to date… Still, that's only 11 days out of 304. Plenty of rest 😛