Re: Re: one more thing


Woody wrote:

so it’s a much better predictor for you and anybody else in great aerobic shape

that’s basically my whole point , most runneres don’t spend the time to get in the proper aerobic shape for a thon and get mislead into believing then can run what ever the yasso’s predict and are surprised when they run slower.

This is also my whole point. For a few select people who have aerobic systems that are well developed enough to match their anaerobic fitness, this workout works. Personally, this workout would predict pretty well for me, within a 5 minute tolerance in most cases. However, these people with the well developed aerobic systems are rare. The vast majority of people are very much more well suited for the 5k and 800 meter repeats than they are for the marathon because of a lack of aerobic development.

I never said Yassos would not work for anyone. I have and will always say that they will not work for the vast majority of people who are running marathons these days.