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Two interesting discussions there, though one was only mentioned in passing.

First, as you and I have both stated many times, rabbits change the sport. It's largely no longer a race that you watch but a time trial. The head to head competition and the excitement of this most basic of competitions is lost. Instead of a great battle between competitors, we are often treated to a single runner 50 yards ahead of everyone else. Real exciting.

Of course, as Amby Burfoot mentioned in his response there, what's the better option? People also gripe about sit and kick races, which is often what head to head competitions without rabbits become. The bottom line, as Burfoot mentioned, though is that the cat is out of the bag. While we may not like rabbits and time trial “races” can we expect to change things? Maybe in some cases but doubtfully on a widespread basis.

On the other topic, I've always found it interesting that drug cheats who deny any fault are often welcomed back into the sport with open arms while the cheats like Dwain Chambers who admit to their wrongdoing are blacklisted for life, even after their bans are over. Maybe there's more behind the Chambers story but at least he admitted to what he did, not like so many others who blamed spiked toothpaste, massage oils, tainted supplements, and whatever else they could to avoid taking the blame themselves.