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  • On the menu on top, just above the banner ad, click “PROFILE”
  • You will see a list of links on the left. Under “Modify Profile” click “Forum Profile Information”
  • If your picture is available online, select “I have my own pic” and enter the address of the pic
  • If your picture is on your computer, select “I will upload my own picture” and browse to and select the pic
  • Go to the bottom of the form and make sure you click the Change profile button

You'll see some other options you can update if you want. Also, note that it isn't explicitly mentioned anywhere (an issue I believe is to be fixed in a future version of the forum software) but there is a limit on the size of your pictures. Your picture can be no more than 150 pixels high or wide. This is to prevent large pictures from taking up too much space on the screen when other things should be of higher priority.