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You have a very large base.  You have and are willing to put in the work…the totals don't lie.
My experience is you come off a large base and really crack it down.  Dare I say, almost forget
mileage totals.  The biggest mistake I see people make like you and me is become a slave
to the log book.  I could shoot this of in a dozen discussions about training theories, but the
bottom line is you have to turn this base into speed.  Base work = Strength = ability to harvest
more speed.  Like Ryan has mention, the bigger the base the higher the peak.  You have this.
Mike Platt has said your biggest mileage totals should be 6 months before your goal marathon,
not the few months leading up to it.  This is my experience as well.

I did those Lydiard schedules in 1978 as a kid.  No idea what I was doing, made tons of mistakes,
but still had some break through runs.  Dare I say, those types of regiments are almost for someone
under the eyes of an experienced coach.  At 53, you have a much shorter recovery window.  I would
seriously look at a much shorter window than 22 weeks or whatever.  Older guys who have success
are investing time in fast workouts.  You have to drive down your cruising speed.  Find a schedule
or regiment with an emphasis that allows for two fast workouts a week (dozens of ideas come to
mind) geared towards marathon training.  Maintain a medium and longer run…and get rest. 

People ran fast a lot back in the day.  Those same people run fast a lot today and do well.  They
just have less fast runs.  Go get fast.  Do it in an orderly manor…and go nuts once-in-a-while. 
Your a much experienced runner.  If you desire faster times then start cutting loose.  That is the best advice I can offer.