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Unfortunately too many people are blasé, dismissive, or just plain oblivious.  Usually these are people who care little at all for the sport, they are really only in it for themselves.  'Running parasites' might be an apt term.  I cannot fathom how or why any individual or community with even a shred of integrity and dignity would ever want to be associated in any way with this sham outfit.

Sadly, I just found out that my hometown marathon, the NJ Marathon (which I'm not running this year) is now a Devine event.  Too bad.

I would not presume to know what you would want to do, but if this company came into my community I would want to defend it against Devine.  There is plenty of ammo that has been presented just in this forum to make a case with local running clubs, law enforcement agencies, and sponsors to be dutifully dubious of what may come of their association and support of any race put on by Devine.  Spread the word, help keep con artists out of your town and local running scene.