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I like your idea Andrew –

I'll be carefull about expanding the volume when I first start adding the hills and speed work.  I think I'll find a really hilly route to make my base runs (just ease the speed back until I acclimate) and then begin to work in a mix of Tempos, fartleks and intervals.  I'll remember the recovery week as I'll need two of them in this short time frame in order to maximize my gains.

You are right I should only have a single taper week – especially for an 8K. ::)

I am thinking that this goal race has become a semi-goal race and now I have to shoot for Gold at Brigg's and Al's in early Oct.  If ever there was an opportuinity for you to return to this area Andrew – Brigg's and Al's would be a great time (hint . . hint). 😉