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I heard the report from your friend elsewhere. From what I've heard, there are no 10k results yet.

This is a tough situation and instantly reminded me of the Hank Aaron Trail run last year when several of us got turned around early. What do you do in this type of situation? Is it really fair to disqualify the runners who turned around early because race officials led them the wrong way? It's one thing if you get yourself off course but you're taught as a runner to always follow the directions of race officials so, when you follow their improper instructions, is it your fault? Is it really fair to those who went the right way after someone fixed the error to strictly finish behind everyone else in the results when it's very possible they could have passed some others in the late stages of the race? Personally, when something like this happens, I think it's better to just let everyone run the same course and let as many as possible know roughly what the distance will be so they can adjust strategy as necessary. I'm sure some would disagree but, if it's a race, the break in head to head competition should matter more than a mismeasured distance.

Lessons to be learned here. For race directors, make sure everyone on the course and especially those leading the lead runners know the course perfectly. For runners, I've heard this race (unlike the Hank Aaron Trail race where this happened last year) has had a history of disorganization. Either stay away until they prove a better history or know what you might get going in.