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I can run any mid sized 5K and place in my age group.  When I say mid sized the race really can't get much above 800-900 people or the field will get too strong.  It is always nice to know you ran a good race and win and age group prize even though the leaders smoked you.  There was a 5k down here this past spring that I didn't run my best but the field was about 1500 people and I came in 40th overall.  No age group prize but I was pretty happy that I beat over 1400 people.

The flip side is a 5k I ran my second best time at this spring.  It was about 2 miles from my house so I figured what the hell and ran it.  The race was very small.  Maybe 150 people.  I seriously got out of my car and told myself I had a chance to win.  The start was up a crazy steep hill so instead of going out in front I just waited behind the leaders till the top of the hill to see what the pace would be like.  50 yards after the hill was done I told myself, “Is this it?” and took off.  After that the race was never in question.  Now, am I fast?  No not really, I finished (after shutting it down for a good while) in 19:46.  So like I said, not really fast but I was at the right race and I can tell you one thing, if you haven't had a chance to run behind the pace car find a race to do it.  Even though you know it's not the most competitive race on earth you are still the fastest person there on that day.  And I don't care what anyone says it's a lot of fun.