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great job hanging in there… I was much less fortunate… went throught the half knowing that¬† while the weather was no where near the projected (thank goodness), I was going to continue to have GI issues and my plantar fascia was already screaming… I stopped at the first aid station across from the Firehouse in Newton, right after the marker for 17… had to tape my foot myself as no one knew what I was talking about, but they were very nice abut it…

think I drank too much… water and gatorade that is… or just not enough BEER!!

once I realized I was into 'suvival' mode I really had fun, drank the beer, hit the gong, petted a few dogs… totally gimped out, I was glad to finish… and I'm not even very sore..heck,¬† I know I didn't RUN the whole thing… but I certainly wasn't going to stop either, even when I was right at my hotel, miles 25!

but with the crowds, even on the “T” and the street afterwards, I felt like a rock star… the city is rightfully proud of their marathon and glad you ran it…

sounds like your day was much better!! congrats!!