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I consider myself competitive and perhaps old-school as well. I don't really see a problem with using chip timing systems so long as the official results and awards reflect the order of finish.

I've been at chip timed events that only deployed a single mat at the finish line. In that configuration, only gun time is available despite the use of chip timing. The problem is using chip time for official purposes. (The DJ was announcing chip timing like a big selling point prior to my race last weekend.) For official results and awards, only the order in which runners crossed the finish line should matter. Order of finish has been the standard for race results before timing was even invented. Timing is not really necessary for a race. Timing is really only for the statisticians and for comparing of performances.

If you're going to use chip time, then there is really no point in lining everyone up at the same time. Just keep the starting line open for an hour or two and let people start whenever they're ready.

That just seems so wrong. I am imagining the first finisher standing after the race with a big medal and media members clamoring for his attention. Then, someone else finishes and some official results board updates and shows that the latest finisher had a faster time. The race director reclaims the medal with a terse apology and he and the media converges on the new winner. The winner is the guy who crossed the line first. If someone else started late and covered the distance faster, that is newsworthy, but it does not make him the winner.