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Thanks Charlene. I know some people struggle with miles 2 and 3 but I've found you can get yourself through those miles. Mile 4 tends to be the one that mentally breaks people. If you focus on getting to the 3 mile mark in good position and attacking mile 4, you'll have a good race.

No guilt. You also had a half the following weekend. Sometimes, it just doesn't work out. I think I'm the only one on the team who has run with the team every year. Double is a close second but he missed when they rescheduled to October.

As for next year, I'm not sure. To be honest, I've never run a 10 mile race and wouldn't mind trying one. The problem I have with the longer races right now is I'm deep down a competitor and I've come to expect a certain level of competitiveness from myself. I just don't think I'm training right now adequately enough to race at the level I'd expect of myself in longer races and I'd end up with a bad experience. I just think I'd be more surviving a hard effort at the distance, not racing the way I know racing. Because of that, at this point, I don't see myself going longer than 10K next year. I'm not sure at this point if or when I'll plan to go longer again.