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Double Your platform of around 200 miles a month and the mix of easy days with 2 hard days is very simular to my last cycle for my half.  I rarely run with others as I run my easy days so much slower than they do.  I can't understand how women with simular PRs to my own crank out 7:30s every single easy run when I can only handle 9s.  Even many area running friends run their long runs as fast if not faster than I do even though I am about 20 minutes faster for a half marathon.  But I very rarely have a hard workout fail and I think it is due to running my easy days so slow. 

My main reluctance to commit to a marathon yet is that my biggest running weakness is my endurance and that is something that I am very patiently building.  I think it will still be a year or 2 til it is marathon ready.  When I was being coached by Ryan and averaging in the mid 60s per week running magic was happening.  I just have to be patient.  The other thing I worry about is that I will not enjoy running a marathon or the 20 mile training runs.  Sometimes I enjoy my 15 mile runs and other times I hate them.  I am hoping that as my endurance grows I will enjoy them more.

Ryan,  I hope you will run the Syttende Mai 10 next year with me.  I think you would love the rolling hills.