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Maybe some of us should try some CC races at the end of the year.  Ryan, we have been talking about that for years.  It would be cool if they had team competition.

Not sure I ever ran a CC race the same way.  More blood and guts.  I remember trying to bust guys on hills, getting blown away on the downhill trying to recover, and then just hammering away between 3-4 guys.

Remember those golf courses where it was like a 400 yard sprint to the finish.  Totally freakin' wiped out.  Guys on the ground, spit all over some faces, and maybe a dry heaver or two around. 

Everyone told their war stories on the way home….regardless of where you finished because we all felt the same pain.  I was totally consumed by the sport.  Thing was, the finish order was seldom the same.  There was no safety net.  Sometimes you drank the wine and other times you stomped the grapes.  You had to take risks in team races…and it wasn't totally uncommon to call a few guys out.  Especially the workout warriors.