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OK, confession time. I lied on a few things (I think I got the distances of legs 1 and 2 backwards for one thing). The team captain sent a very detailed analysis of the race. I got one or two leg distances wrong but I think I was pretty much on with the paces. Here's how my legs broke down (I believe times are estimates but should be quite close).

[pre]Leg   Distance   Start time Running time Pace per mile
1     6.29 miles 4:30:00PM  37:30*       5:57.7*
2     5.74 miles 9:51:12PM  32:52        5:43.6
3     7.50 miles 2:05:38AM  43:32        5:48.3
4     3.10 miles 8:12:56AM  17:30        5:38.7
Total 22.63 miles           2:11:24      5:48.4[/pre]

*Time and pace do not take into account time waiting to cross Highway 51. Running time was probably around 1 minute faster and pace would then need to be adjusted accordingly to take the wait into account.

The scary thing is I'm looking at this and thinking of where I can improve. I guess I really do want to run this thing again.