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I'm going to agree with rehammes about Sacramento.  For all the elite runners that it attracts, it is somewhat very low-key.  Not alot of hoopla.  It's obvious intent is for runners to run fast.  It can be an expensive trip to fly out there and NOT have a big expo, big bands, big pasta feed, etc.  Here is what they do have, fast course, experienced pace teams, good logistics.  The shuttle busses in my experience were night and day from Grandma's (if you ever had that pleasure)  Rather than like Grandma's where you spend 30 minutes going hotel-to-hotel and then trek 26 miles to the start, in Sacramento, YOU meet the bus, cutting riding time and when you get to the start, you aren't dropped off.  They shuttled right to the portopotties and waited, so you could sit on the bus until the race started.  If you don't need alot of fan support, have a time goal in mind that is going to be a little tough, this is the race.  Weather is iffy, I'm told.