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Your experience at the ING is what I absolutely hate about the distance.  By race day, you are SO VERY invested in that race.  Your training is geared to produce your best preformance on that day.  You spend so much time and money just to get to the starting line that when that many things go wrong, it is a huge let down.  It's easy, and noble, to say you'll get 'em next time.  I think this is why smaller races like Milwaukee's, Napa's and Sacramento's have such a great reputation.  They get it right.  You can trust that your preparation will be rewarded through a good raceday experience.  Boston, Chicago and NY deserve a lot of credit also just because of the logistics of such a large event, but their budgets are exponentially larger.  It is still very hard to believe that so many things went wrong at the event.  Congrats on toughing it out though and I'm glad the achilles didn't turn out to be a problem.  What's the next race going to be???