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Yes, Anne. I'd say the word terrible would pretty well summarize both the weather and the course. I hope your daughter had a good run.

Actually, that wasn't Rick. He's laid up right now with a calf injury. He was there but not running. As for surging, you have to know when and how to use the strategy. Even then, as with any strategy, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If I think I can just run away from someone, that's the strategy I'll go with. Sometimes, though, that's not going to work and you have to do something to break the other person. If you can build up a bit of a gap, sometimes you can break their will. Also, if they respond to your surge, you can run the kick out of a better kicker. In this race, though, it was simply a matter of running hard when the course allows you to and doing what you had to in order to remain upright the rest of the way.