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Thanks Corina. Yeah, I thought that was an interesting take on it. Obviously, someone who has never been a competitor or fully learned through watching me yet what being a competitor is about.

Yes, I am expecting some increase in this crud, though I figured (and am still hoping) that the first winter would probably be the worst. Only 3 more years! 😉

I'd encourage people to put it on their calendars. Ed is definitely doing all he can to give the runners what we want in a race, while of course balancing that against the desires of his “bosses” (my term, not his, for those who organize the whole event and surely want him to make certain concessions so the race will work well with everything else). Again, for a second year event, I thought it was a well run event. I did send him an e-mail on some very picky things that he could look into in order to make it even better for the runners and I'm sure he will address those that he can but, even if it went off in the same way next year, it would be worth the trip (and relatively low entry fee).