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Thanks guys.

Cesar, I wasn't always as consistent as I have been in recent years. I think, for me at least, some of that consistency comes from experience and some probably from not always being on the very edge, both in training and racing. As for the marathon, it's August in Wisconsin and heat will affect marathon performances much more than it will performances in events that last roughly a half hour or less. Also, I don't know how I'm going to run it yet. A lot depends on the competition that shows up. I may start off very conservative and try not to kill myself at any point. Of course, I may also get a little more aggressive in the first half and shoot for the stars in the second half and see if a 2:45 is in the cards. I just don't know and probably won't know completely until after the marathon has already started.

Ed, I wouldn't count on my time being mid-34 at your race. The Deer Run's biggest hill is hardly a bump. There are a lot of turns but, other than that, not much to slow one down. I should be faster at your event this year than last, depending on other factors, but I don't want to get too hopeful about a 90 second improvement that may not materialize.