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It was great to see Ryan  and his family at the race. 

My own Walleye was just about as I expected to run.  I am hoping for big things this fall with my form change but I knew that at this race that my muscles were not yet strong enough to support the form change.  Plus I knew that the heat could make things painful so I knew that I wanted to start conservative.  We have had strange weather patterns  with cool weather on weekdays on super hot on weekends so it has been a bit rough acclimatizing this year as Ryan explained.  Plus as I am broad shouldered I hate the wind. 

My main competitor took off super fast at the start and I knew to let her go.  We have went back and forth over the years and have yet to meet up when we are both running our best and I knew that I was not any near my best yet this summer. By about 200 meters out I had a woman on each side of me.  Both were wearing i pods.  I quickly left them behind.

The rest of the race I just reeled in men that went out too fast or were suffering from the heat.  It was odd to pass so many when I was slowing down myself due to the heat.    I finished 2nd in 32:51 which while not spectacular is a start for short races for the year.  The heat sucked the last  mile but I really was not in the pain cave at all this race.  I have not raced a short race for a year and I have to get back in the aggressive pain cave racing mode.  I still feel like I am in half marathon mode.

Watching the little kids run was super cute.  Billy (5) ran with the 6 and under boys for the 1/3 mile.  The race had its usual carnage at the first turn but Billy was not involved in the pileup  but he did stop to look.  I noticed that when running he is much more focused on looking around than running fast.  At home he seems to have a competitive drive when racing his sister to the door or end of the driveway but does not yet apply this to non -sister competitors.